Tourniquet Pouch

Regulation Tactical's Tourniquet Pouch was designed and tested to meet the requirements of a large Southern California Metropolitan S.W.A.T. and E.M.T.  With three mounting options: vertical, horizontal, and on the belt, this pouch allows easy access from more potential locations than a traditional tourniquet pouch.  The pouch holds one CAT style tourniquet and protects it from wear, tear, and snagging, and minimizes the risk of failure when the tourniquet is needed.  Low visibility was carefully considered in the design, from the color contrast that helps distinguish it from other utility pouches up close, to the dimensions of panels so that the white strip (used on most tourniquets to write a time stamp) is concealed.

*Patent Pending

  • Three options for mounting: horizontal, vertical, belt

    Low visibility design

    Built in sleeve for markers or medical shears

  • Nylon

    Polymer Reinforcement

    Heavy Duty Nylon

    Made in the USA