Load Bearing Brackets

If you've ever worn a full combat load for a patrol, on post, or during a field exercise you'll understand how sore the muscles in your neck and shoulders get as well as the back pains your gear causes.  Do it for long enough and you'll have the same back problems most of us have.  We invented the LBB to protect your back and spine from injury and to counter the fatigue in your neck and shoulders that degrades alertness and combat effectiveness.

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  • The L.B.B. is designed to:

    1. the LBB transfers the weight of your combat load onto your hips and legs, protecting your back and spine.

    2. shift the weight to your legs, through your hips, similar to how a waist strap on a hiking pack transfers the weight to a hiker's legs, allowing them to carry a heavier load and not fatigue as quickly.

    3. be modular and can be moved around existing equipment. We have also added PALS (aka MOLLE) attachment points so that it can go under your existing gear.
  • The instructions are printed on a bandanna that can be used as a sweat rag, chafe guard around your neck, or as a weapons cleaning rag, etc.  

    The shipping and packaging box has a water-proof coating to the inside layer of the box so that it can be used as a writing surface. If you don't want the thickness of cardboard, you can soak it in water and the water-proof surface will peel off -- allowing you to use it like paper.
  • I've been involved for a number of years now within the tactical community, 4 yrs USMC- 2 yrs in 1st Force Reconnaissance and currently, for the last 12 yrs, assigned to LAPD SWAT. I've constantly struggled with comfort in carrying my tac gear. It was either too heavy, not properly balanced or cumbersome. This caused confusion on what to carry and what to leave behind in order to make my vest tac rig more bearable. As time progressed and collateral duties expanded the need to carry more equipment became necessary. I've experimented with different suspender type systems but still experienced heavy pressure on my upper, lower back and neck. My team leader introduced me to the LBB from Regulation Tactical, designed by a United States Marine. Over the course of six months I've used this system everyday during training which included maritime, climbing, covert and dynamic movement. Additionally, I've worn it on several actual SWAT call-ups, warrant services and long area K-9 searches. What I found is that the design allows the weight from my load bearing vest (MOLLE system) to be evenly distributed over my tac-belt and hips. This removed the weight bearing down on my shoulder/ trap area and reduced pressure on my lower back. The system requires that the belt stay attached to the vest, this prevents the belt from riding too low and actually lifts the belt up. This system will definitely add longevity to my career.

    Officer Sanchez, LAPD SWAT

     The LBB system lets the operator distribute some of the weight of your tactical vest from your shoulders to your waist. How much weight is up to you and how you set the adjustment. Like many middle aged cops I have lower back problems. The ability to put 40% of the weight, on my waist and off my shoulders helped me immensely. There was a notably difference the day the LBB was attached to my tac vest. I found myself much more comfortable during training and less sore after a full day in gear. I highly recommend this to anyone with "old guy" lower back issues.

    Officer Montero, NPPD SWAT

     I've been a Marine officer for twelve years, and approximately eight of those years have been spent in operational units which spend significant time in the field. I have three combat tours and am preparing for a fourth currently. I've worn different types of tactical vests (both with and without armor plates) and I've carried quite a bit of tactical gear. One consistent problem with all of this gear is the amount of weight it has placed on my neck and back. Shifting the weight to my legs via my hips is an ideal solution. The Load Bearing Brackets (LBBs) have facilitated this solution. Recently, I spent six days in the field wearing my vest (plate carrier with armor plates) for about six to nine hours each day. We conducted live-fire training, patrols, hikes, MOUT training and convoy training. I attest that the LBBs helped to ease the weight of my vest. Approximately 60% of the weight of my gear was distributed to my legs due to the LBB, adding a great deal of comfort and efficiency to my training. I will use the LBBs during my deployment to Afghanistan, and I anticipate that the three or four combat patrols/movements I conduct each week will be measurably improved due to the LBBs.

    McAvoy, 1st CAG

    I have been on my department's SWAT team for a little over 4 years. During that short time, my body has felt the effects of carrying heavy loads during training/callouts. Recently I had the opportunity to try the LBB and was extremely pleased with the results! I was able to distribute the weight to both my shoulders and waist, and at the end of the day did not feel any of the shoulder, or back pain I commonly feel after training days.  During the day I constantly changed how the weight was distributed (between my shoulders and waist) to see what worked best for me. I personally prefer a 50/50 split of weight on shoulders and waist. I also had the opportunity to test it during an activation and again, was very pleased with the performance. I would absolutely recommend this product!   After using it, I can't see myself ever going without it!

    Officer Compte, NPPD SWAT

    The LBB does as advertised. It shifts the weight off my back and onto my hips. I wear it with 30% of the weight on my shoulders and the rest on my hips. Great product.

    Bayer, 15th MEU

  • Made in USA 

    15 ounces (4x Brackets)