Glide Instructor Belt

A superior minimalist shooting belt, the Glide Belt is 1.5" wide and designed to make it easy to put on and take off your holstered weapon and gear.  The Glide Belt's design also holds your sidearm in place even when the belt is "unbuckled."  The enhanced reinforcement and durability make it ideal for everyday carry and casual wear.  The 1.5" width makes it great for jeans as well as tactical pants.  Choose from two sleek options, no-buckle or crank-buckle.

No-Buckle (the original design)
The no-buckle design provides additional comfort when wearing carriers, under a tactical climbing harness, and when in prone or sitting shooting positions.

Crank-Buckle (Currently Sold Out)
The crank-buckle design allows for easy tightening.

*If you have a holster with attachment points 1.75" to 2.25" wide see our Glide Panel to remove the slack.

**Patent Pending

  • Awesome product! Wish I had this when I was going down range. Excellent quality built to last. What a nice alternative to the ultra stiff rigger belts. Easy to use and extremely durably made. Thanks Marine! Job well done!
        - GG in NC (AF CCT)

    I've been wearing the glide belt daily for a few months now. I have worn it with a Kydex OWB holster and mag pouch, as well as, a drop thigh rig holster. I've also worn it as an inner belt under a tactical belt rig (Yates tactical climbing harness.) The Glide belt has served me well in all of these applications. I've worn belts from many different manufacturers in all sorts of buckled and unbuckled configurations but the Regulation Tactical Glide Belt is hands down the best of the best.
         - John 

    "For roughly $35 USD combined for the Glide Belt and the Glide Panel, which I recommend getting both as a minimum, you can not beat the quality, workmanship, and value. Not only is the belt bomb proof compared to my old setup, but the Glide Belt plus the Glide Panel, Patrol Panel, and the Duty Panel still came in way under cost compared to what I paid for my battle-belt system. The Glide Belt itself is a steal."
         - Wally

    As plain clothes law enforcement, I have to conceal a full size pistol on me. Paddle holsters just weren’t secure enough; they either came off my belt with the draw or came out partially on the draw which didn’t give me 100% confidence in its reliability to stay secure. Belt holsters were the solution, but they are a pain to weave through a stiff belt and then back through my pants loops.

    With the Glide Instructor Belt, I can keep the benefits of my belt holster with the easy on and off capabilities of a paddle holster. The holster stays secure if you push it all the way back to the beginning of the split in the belt, and it’s a breeze to tighten the belt to your waist. It’s my go-to belt for everyday concealed carry both at work and off duty.
          - Ed

    I received the Glide Belt today, I just wanted to drop a note and explain how satisfied I am with your product. Let me explain that I am beyond impressed that I received this belt in approximately 2 days. I own a variety of "high end" belts, including; SOE, Ares Gear, Proctor Belt, and numerous stiffer leather belts.

    As a current Police Officer I know how important a solid belt is. This belt serves multipurpose for me. While on duty I wear it under my duty belt. While off it functions as an EDC belt. I can't stress the quality of your product. With quadruple stitching I don't see any issues anytime soon.

    Placing a holster on this belt is probably the nicest feature. It feeds easily through and is rock solid once in place. I also carry appendix style 95 percent of the time. The buckles feature is extremely convenient for how I carry off duty.

    Basically I think my search for the ultimate belt is over. Again wanted to thank this company for solving a lot of issues in the LE/CCW community.
        - Shawn

    I'd like to thank you guys for an excellent product. I received the belt in good time (thanks) and have been using it in the field in Mexico and US. I work as a geologist and carry a lot on my belt: compass, hammer, field book case, etc. I have to take things on and off all day as I move in and out of vehicles so your belt has been a marvelous help. Quality product, many thanks.
         - Howard

    The glide belt is a wonderful belt. One of its best features is it is buckle less which makes it so easy to slip through the belt loops. My initial purchase of this belt didn’t fit me very well; I was able to get a replacement quickly and painlessly with the great customer service this company provides.
         - Brian

    I have worn the belt with the gun setup in the appendix carry everyday for the past few months. While the operation of the belt took a few days to get used to, once I had it dialed in it has become second nature. The design of the belt has revolutionized the J-Hook style holster for me. Before, the weight of the gun would rely solely on the weak fabric of the pants at the waistline. Now, the guns weight is on the solid belt making the entire system very solid. So far so good! Thanks for the simple design, great materials...and low cost!!!! You ought to carry one in dark brown...I'd get that one too.
         - Jeff 

    The Glide Belt offers me a sleek and light alternative to bulkier tactical belts without sacrificing retention of the gear I wear on it, primarily my weapon. I've used this overseas and have found that the Velcro lets me make small adjustments as my waist fluctuates often, even at different times during the day. Getting the Glide Belt tight initially required some getting used to, but now it is second nature. It works as advertised and makes daily "duties" super convenient.
         - Joseph

    I have been wearing a Glide belt for about a week now and can give some initial impressions. The split layer design allows for very easy attachment of most belt holsters, especially OWB types. Clip type IWB holsters can be a little problematic depending on the size of the clip which may have to clip over the inner layer instead of both. Any IWB holster with belt loops wont present any problems. After wearing a different company’s nylon instructors belt for years I was surprised at how lightweight the Glide belt is. I never thought I’d notice such a weight difference in a belt. The lack of a buckle also makes it more comfortable when carrying a pack with a waist belt depending on where you tend to have the belt riding. One drawback of all the Velcro though is that it makes it really tough to sneakily drop your pants. Not that it comes up that often, but hey, you never know.
         It can be a little tricky to get repeatable tightness on the belt and to cinch it down, especially while carrying a handgun. That being said the dual layer design does make that easier by keeping your gun from moving around too much. One thing I’d love to see on a future product or version of the Glide belt is some way of providing a mechanical advantage when cinching the belt. Something low profile like a plastic D ring to pass the end through and pull against and Velcro back against itself. Then secure the second layer over everything.
    I also bought the Glide Panel since most of my holsters have 1.75” belt loops. It works well but can require some contortions to get it placed just right while wearing the belt. Adjusted properly it takes all vertical play out of the holsters belt loops. I still get some vertical movement of the belt in the belt loops on my pants but it’s not particularly annoying.
         My initial order was for a large belt and after trying that for a couple days decided to contact Regulation Tactical and ask about sizing. Their customer service is some of the best I have experienced. They even went so far as to send me a medium Glide belt to try along with a prepaid shipping label to send back whichever belt I decided didn’t fit. Communication was excellent and prompt. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.
         - Cade

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  • *We recommend you order your belt size. It is different from your waist or pant size.  Belt size is much more accurate due to a variety of factors. Waist size measurements rely on where you measure (which may not be true to where all your pants actually sit on your waist or hips). Pant sizes isn’t always accurate because different pants (even from the same brand) are designed to sit on different parts of your hips (above, at, below your hip, true waist) and to make things more difficult, pants sizes are different between brands. That is why we recommend using your belt size.  To get your belt size, see the image below.

    Small - 28" - 31"  

    Medium - 32" - 35"

    Large - 36" - 40"

    X-Large - 41" - 45"

    XX-Large - 46" - 50"

    *For custom sizes please contact us directly at:
  • The Glide Belt is designed to:

    1. Allow you to quickly put on and take off your holster without having to waste time unbuckling, weaving, and buckling your belt.

    2. Retain your holstered weapon when your belt is "unbuckled."

    3. Allow you to quickly add or remove gear, such as pouches and holders, on your weak side.

    4. Allow you to position your holster incrementally to where it works best for you, and secures it in place during dynamic movements (running, climbing, etc.).

    5. Avoid digging or irritation due to buckles when in prone or sitting shooting positions.

    6. Maximize comfort when wearing a repelling harness.

    7. Provide comfort for everyday carry.
  • Made in America 

    1.5 inches wide

    Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing

    Polymer Reinforcement

    Heavy Duty Velcro


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