Leather - No Buckle Glide Instructor Belt

A premium leather belt ideal for both everyday carry and casual wear.  The 1.5” wide Leather Glide Belt is crafted for strength and stability to support holsters and pouches.  A hybrid design using a leather exterior and nylon lining, that provides the look and comfort of leather, but the durability and breath-ability of nylon.  The Leather Glide Belt is a polished lightweight gun belt based off our popular Glide Belt design.

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  • *We recommend you order your belt size. It is different from your waist or pant size. Belt size is much more accurate due to a variety of factors. Waist size measurements rely on where you measure (which may not be true to where all your pants actually sit on your waist or hips). Pant sizes isn’t always accurate because different pants (even from the same brand) are designed to sit on different parts of your hips (above, at, below your hip, true waist) and to make things more difficult, pants sizes are different between brands. That is why we recommend using your belt size. To get your belt size, see the image below.

    Small - 28" - 31"

    Medium - 32" - 35"

    Large - 36" - 40"

    X-Large - 41" - 45"

    XX-Large - 46" - 50"

    *For custom sizes please contact us directly at: customerservice@regulationtactical.com
  • The Glide Belt is designed to:

    1. Sturdy leather gun belt for a professional look.

    2. Edges coated to protect high friction areas.

    3. Easily supports the weight of your holster and pouches.

    4. Allows you to quickly put on and take off your holster without having to waste time unbuckling, weaving, and buckling your belt.

    5. Retain your holstered weapon when your belt is "unbuckled."

    6. Allow you to quickly add or remove gear, such as pouches and holders, on your weak side.

    7. Avoid digging or irritation due to buckles when in prone or sitting shooting positions.
  • Made in America

    1.5 inches wide

    Full grain matte leather (Exterior)

    Black Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing (Inner Liner)

    Polymer Reinforcement

    Heavy Duty Velcro


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