Duty Panel (Glide Belt System)

The Duty Panel is a fast and efficient way to attach and detach your load out when you need it, while allowing you to retain your holstered weapon and another essential item (spare mag, handcuffs, etc.) at all times.  The Duty Panel is part of the Glide Belt System and designed to integrate with the Glide Belt.  The Duty Panel is designed to be semi-rigid.  And a small bumper at the bottom of the Duty Panel bridges the gap between your body and gear to reduce gear flop during dynamic movements -- keeping what you need in place when you need it.  With the use of the Glide Panel and Patrol Panel (each sold separately) it can accommodate a variety of mounting methods.  All these features combine to provide an exceptionally stable and comfortable platform, for the small mountain of gear you have to carry. 

*Patent Pending 


  • The Duty Panel is designed to:

    1. Easily add and remove gear from your Glide Belt, but retain your holstered weapon and another essential item (spare mag, handcuffs, etc.) at all times.

    2. Provide superior stability for attached gear.

    3. Reduce gear flop and provide additional comfort.

    4. Accommodate gear using 1.5" closed loops (up to 2.25" with the use of the Glide Panel - sold separately).

    5. Integrates with all current (Glide Panel, Patrol Panel) and future accessories in the Glide Belt System.
  • The Duty Panel is designed to fit the same size you use for your Glide Belt, leaving at least 7" inches of space for your holster.
    *Free shipping on size exchanges within the first 30 days of purchase.

    Small - 21" in length

    Medium - 25" in length

    Large - 29" in length

    X-Large - 33" in length

    XX-Large - 38" in length
  • The Duty Panel is perfect if you want to load your basics on and still have the ability to add MOLLE gear to a belt. The natural low profile of the panel means you can wear the Duty Panel under a jacket and still have the ability to conceal gear.

    The Patrol Panel adds a second row of MOLLE to complement the Duty Panel. Having second row of MOLLE allows you to mount larger pieces of kit to your belt and still gives you the stability and secure to run and gun as needed with minimal extra movement and worry. So if you want to mount an IFAK or a magazine carrier beyond pistol calibre such as the RT MkIII Reflex Pouch you don't have to worry about your larger pieces of kit sitting on just one row of MOLLE. This is my preferred setup and I love it. The Patrol Panel just slide in between the two layers of the Duty Panel and held in by Velcro. It took a couple of attempts to line up the channels of MOLLE of both panels because of the natural curve, but once done it was good to go and for my uses I'll probably never take the Patrol Panel off the Duty Panel... ever.

    For me the total customization of Regulation Tactical's Glide Belt System has endless combinations for what you can do with it. The flexibility of the pieces to the system allow you to scale up or down what you want the system to do for you. Essentially the system will service different shooters for different applications and that's the beauty of it. I went all out and literally got every the system has to offer and never looked back. Buying the complete Glide Belt System still came in under what I paid for my inferior battle belt.
         -Just a Regular Troop's Gear Review

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  • Made in America 

    Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing

    Polymer Reinforcement

    Heavy Duty Velcro

    Duraflex buckles


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