Reflex Pouch Mk3

The original Reflex Mag Pouch was designed to make magazine exchanges fast and simple. It works by cycling the rear magazine forward and holding it there so that it doesn't fall out during dynamic movements.  Cycling the rear magazine forward leaves a space behind it, so that empty or partially full magazines can be easily inserted and in the same quick motion, allow you to draw the next magazine.  The Mk2 introduced the ability to adjust magazine capacity (double-stack, single-stack, and low-profile) for two reasons.  The first reason is because different missions can require different load-outs. The number of mags you carry may be different for a raid vs a vehicle patrol vs a foot patrol.  The second reason is so that you can tailor your silhouette based off environment.  For example, bulk isn't such a concern in open terrain, but if you're operating in a vehicle or about to enter a passenger plane or bus, bulk will be an issue.  And the Mk2 allows you to make these adjustments quickly, easily, and while it is mounted.  The Mk3 takes it a step further by being able to handle both .308 and .223 calibers magazines as well as a new Reflex mechanism for smoother cycling. 

In the double-stack configuration the Mk3 is compatible with USGI, PMAG 25 LR/SR, 20 LR/SR, FAL, M-14, and HK.  In double-stack it is not compatible with AK style magazines, but can be set to handle AR-15 magazines. 

In single-stack or low-profile configurations it is compatible with all 7.62/.308, to include AK magazines, and AR-15 sized magazines.

*Patent No. 9,097,489


    • "Hey there from your friends across the pond in the British Army. I've had your pouches on my gear for a while now and I know they work fast and every time. I thought you might like to know that I lent my kit to a junior soldier who didn't have his own, I felt sorry for him in the standard issue stuff. He came back from the field with the biggest smile on his face and wide eyed, told me that the mag pouches where awesome! He said he was in the dark, waste deep in muddy freezing water, couldn't feel his fingers, and that the rest of the fire team where taking a good minute to reload. Where as he was dropping and popping like the clappers! It got to the point where all the juniors all want some and even the Sgt was asking him how he was changing mags so quickly. He has been in for 5 months and this was his 4th time in the field. Your kit is awesome, keep doing it! My only regret is you guys don't make utility pouches. You lads are mega."

      “I received the Mk3 pouches today, put them on my weapons harness, and liked them so much that I ordered the Mk2 AR-15 pouches (I have a requirement for both). But after ordering the Mk2, customer service contacted me the same day and told me that the Mk3 AR-10 pouches I bought can work with AR-15 mags. After adjusting the Mk3 pouches to fit my Magpul AR-15 magazines, I had no problems when performing magazine change drills with the 5.56 mags. The Mk3 is one of the most versatile pouches on the market!”
           - John

      "All of the Marines here love your product. We had a Det Commander from another post visit and he was extremely jealous of our new gear."
      (photo below shows some of the Marines from the MSG Det)

      “The customizability (I know not a real word) of the pouch is insane.”
           - Wally

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    • The Reflex Mag Pouch is designed to:

      1. cycle the rear magazine forward opening up a slot for an empty/partial magazine to be re-inserted.

      2. reduce reload time by allowing the operator to easily re-insert a magazine and in the same motion draw the next magazine.

      3. adjust the magazine carrying capacity and profile of the pouch using 3 settings: 1) double-stack, 2) single-stack, and 3) low-profile.
    • In the double-stack configuration the AR-10 Mk3 is compatible with USGI, PMAG 25LR/SR, 20 LR/SR, FAL, M-14, and HK. In double-stack it is not compatible with AK style magazines, but can be set to handle AR-15 style magazines. In single-stack or low-profile configurations it is compatible with all 7.62/.308 to include AK magazines and AR-15 sized magazines.

      Open design for quick water drainage during water-borne operations.
    • Made in the USA


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