Reflex Mag Pouch Video

Reflex Mag Pouch Explained 
The video below shows what the Reflex Mag Pouch does.


Retention System Demo
Designed to hold magazines, even when there is only one (empty or full), so you don't lose them during dynamic movements (running, climbing, getting to and from prone, take-downs, etc). This video shows the retention system of the Reflex Mag Pouch even with a full magazine.

Function Demo (PMAGs, different placement, different grip) 
We understand the importance of muscle memory and gear placement. Regardless of where you place the Reflex Mag Pouch, which way your magazines face, or what grip you use to pull them, the Reflex Mag Pouch was designed so that you can use it where you want.

Durability Demo
The Reflex Mag Pouch was designed for durability in combat conditions. The below video shows us stomping on the Reflex Mag Pouch.