Reflex Mag Pouch Reviews


 Rating: 5/5

My name is Kaj. I live in Vaasa, Finland. I decided to try out the out the R-Tac Reflex mag pouches, eager to see what all the fuss was about since they looked functional in the videos which I saw about a year ago. Since I live in Finland, The shipping went off the charts when trying to order via UPS delivery. If I recall correctly, the shipping would have been close to 190 USD, while the five pouches I ordered would have cost 175 USD. Luckily I came in contact with the lovely Carey in customer support who helped me to get them shipped quickly for a fraction of the price! Top notch customer service!

After a few weeks of waiting, the pouches finally arrived.
Now, don't get me wrong, they didn't look like much, more or less like normal double mag pouches.  The mechanism on the reflex system felt a bit, well, weak. So before I hooked them up to my vest, I decided to do a “rain dance” on the pouches. I'm not a small guy either. I weigh 108kg (~240lbs) but the pouches held up with not even a scratch or warning crackle from the mechanism.

One thing has to be said, that I am no longer in active service but I like to train my skills in a different manner, which is Airsoft.  It might seem a bit overboard to have these R-Tac mag pouches for something like Airsoft, but we train as if it were the real deal, so our gear has to hold up.

Started trying out the gear a few days at a time, switching places on them, testing the MOLLE, locking buttons, stitching etc.
First test: Attach my west with 2 of the pouches to a sandbag, and drag it around my yard a few times.
Yeah, sure, they got dirty, a button got undone on one of the pouches, nothing else.

Second test. Attached the remaining 3 pouches, filled them with P-Mags, and did another run.
Same conclusion, they got dirty, and the same button got undone (might be dented from the "rain dance" so not saying it's from factory)

I did need to stretch the pouches for a few days before I could use the P-Mags in the pouches.
They are built for both P-Mags and regular m4/m16 type mags, but due to the P-mags being plastic and a bit thicker, they tend to get a bit stuck. I put the p-mags in the pouches and left the pouches in water for a day, then lifting them out into the sun to dry, still with the mags inside, and Voila, Perfect fit! You can even hold the west upside down and shake it, they will not come out, before you actually grab the mag. the small friction pad inside the pouches hold the mags in steady. (It’s the little things that make a difference.)

I've now been using the R-Tac mag pouches for about 3 months. One thing I noticed was after a while, I started to leave my dump pouch in the car when going to games.  The idea behind these pouches IS that in one smooth motion, the operator can dump an empty mag behind the full one, and in the same motion pull the full mag and slam it in the gun.  It took some brain training not to always throw your hand back and search for the dump pouch. Once you get that you don't need it anymore, your reloading will be so much faster and smoother, not having to risk valuable seconds searching for the dump.

I usually train 2 times/week for 5-6 hours strait, so they do get used quite a lot, maybe even more "reloading" action than real soldiers would use them for.  When my "unit" was in Sweden for Scandinavians largest Airsoft event, they got tested in a whole new setting.  Embracing the suck for 2 days with nothing but rain, mud and sand, they surpassed my expectations.

Nothing broke, all the stitching is still perfect.
Not one mag has fallen out, ever! Not here at home, nor while in Sweden.
No problems what so ever (except for the one button).

So whether you are in the Service, or you just like the Mil-Sim aspect of Airsoft, or Train practical shooting at a range, these are definitely worth the price, and with a bit of training you will leave your dump pouches at home from now on, and since mag changes in practical shooting is also on the timer, this gives you an extra edge.  I am a bit of a geardo, so I have shelves upon shelves with different gear, clothes, vests etc.  There is one thing I always shift around from vest to vest: that is the R-tac Reflex Mag Pouches. I never leave for a skirmish without them.

Yours Truly
Kaj S.
Vaasa, Finland



From Facebook


Just attended a Haley carbine school and used your mag pouches. I put it to work to say the least. It was an outstanding addition to my gear. It functioned flawlessly as advertised with a quick learning curve. Thanks!!!

                                                                                                                                 Marcus K.


 Rating: 5/5


After seeing this product being demonstrated on Youtube I called Regulation Tactical and chatted with the owner. He took the time to answer my questions about his product and was very helpful. After working extensively throughout the Middle East for the last 15 years and using a variety of mag pouches, Regulation Tactical's product is a refreshing change. Not only that but their customer service is top notch.


Upon receiving my mag pouches, I quickly put them on a variety of kit pieces such as my vests and battle belts. I teach tactical firearms and hand to hand combat classes here in Kansas and so put this gear to the test. After numerous mag changes (very smooth) and falling drills with full-kit on they are still like new (minus the dirt!). Even the flap that pushes the mag next in line wasn't affected. However, I have assurance by Regulation Tactical that it will be replaced for free if I do manage to break it. I haven't been able to try the new AK Mag Pouches yet, but have no doubt when I get my hands on some, they will pass my previous tests. 

                                                                                                                                 Jeff D.

Rating 3/5
I spent 20+ yrs Army doing Infantry, Cav & other units that run their gear hard. I like the concept/idea of the Reflex mag pouch for a low profile mission. The old standard mag pouches carried 3 mags but it was a very tight fit at times. Later on more modern battle rattle had 2 mag pouches & presented a lower profile which is good for TCP, urban & door knocking missions. 


The idea & performance is great however I am concerned about a few things. The single stitching & lack of bundled stitching on corners & other stress points is needed. Also would have liked to seen a finished tab with the same material that is used on the sides of the front flap. Also wanted to have a pull tab of the same material to facilitate easy opening. 


Overall I like the idea but the single stitching, lack of finishing the front flap & no pull tab are areas that need improvement. With that said I have to give this a 3 star review. IF these areas are improved & more attention to quality control is taken THEN I would give it 5 stars.




I hope you all at RT take this review as a way to improve on a great idea & make it better. Keep up the good work. 




For those that want to see my video review here is the link...
From R-Tactical: Thank you for the review and your purchase.  We will use the feedback in our production.  We only add that there is additional stitching at the stress points, but those are covered by the edge binding.  Since we guarantee our products for a life-time it wouldn't be smart for us to build something that would need frequent replacing.