Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2 Info

*Patent Pending

Why we designed it:

The Reflex Mag Pouch Mk1 was designed to make magazine exchanges simple and quick by cycling the rear magazine forward while leaving a space to easily re-insert empty or partially full magazines.  The Reflex Mag Pouch Mk 2 (aka Special Forces Edition) introduces new features based off input from the Special Forces community, whom have a wider range of missions and additional requirements. 

New Feature #1

Depending on mission, environment, and role, an Operator's tactical load out will change.  The Mk2 variant of the Reflex Mag Pouch can be adjusted from a double-stack to single-stack to a low-profile configuration. This saves you from having to remove and swap out pouches for different missions or environments. 

For example, if you are conducting a raid, you may not need a full combat load so you can collapse the Mk2 into a single or low-profile configuration, especially if the environment is confined. But if you are going on a foot patrol, you’ll probably want to use the Mk2 as a double-stack pouch and carry a full load of magazines. If you’re a turret gunner or vehicle crew, you can collapse the same pouch down to single-stack or low-profile since space inside a vehicle or turret is limited. But if you need to leave the vehicle, it is a simple process of re-configuring the pouch from the single-stack to a double-stack mode .

Professional civilian shooters will also find the Mk2 useful since they can tailor their carrying capacity for a variety of events (e.g. range day, 3-Gun competition, carbine course, emergency "go-kit", etc.)

. When configured as a:

1) Double-stack pouch - the Mk2 works just like the Mk1: cycles the rear magazine forward, easy re-insert capability, height differentiates the magazines, and retention system helps hold a single mag in during dynamic movements.

2) Single-stack pouch - for a lower silhouette while keeping the retention system, easy re-insert capability, and provides a spacer so that magazines easily clear pouches and gear mounted above it (see FAQs).

3) Low-profile - remove the cycling/retention mechanism for this lowest silhouette, for operations in extremely tight confines.

New Feature #2

The size of the pouch can be adjusted to customize the fit for different magazines. This also allows the Operator to change the amount of retention and the ease in which magazines are cycled to their preferences.

*Tested with USGI, PMAGs, H&K High Reliability Steel Mags

**The Mk1 and Mk2 will not work with any magazine that has a large ridge that runs around the magazine (e.g. Lancer magazines).

New Feature #3

Removable flap that falls in front of the pouch when opened.

New Feature #4

Open design for quick water drainage during water-borne operations

New Feature #5

In addition to the standard NIR (Near-Infrared) reduction, the Mk2 also has a FR (Fire Resistant) coating.

Check the Mk2 FAQs page for more information on the design and use.