Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2 FAQs

List of Questions:

1) What kind of mags will the Mk2 work with?

2) Why is there a space between the inside mag and armor?

3) I'm worried about pulling an empty magazine. How do I avoid this?

4) I don't have a belt with PALS (aka MOLLE) on it. What can I do?

5) How should I mount the Mk2 on a belt?


Q1: What kind of mags will the Mk1 work with?

A1) The Mk2 was tested with USGI, MAGPUL, and HK High Reliability 5.56/.223 mags.

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Q2: Why is there a space between the inside mag and armor?

A1) The space is designed so the mechanism can take impacts and won’t degrade performance even if you are lying on it. The space does collapse to ½ inch when you are in the prone position for a lower silhouette.

A2) When mounted on the chest panel of your armor, the space provides clearance for the magazine when pulling it from the Reflex Mag Pouch. Real estate on the front panel of plate carriers/body armor is always at a premium. Most times there are other pouches (e.g. radio, grenades, pistol mags, etc.) mounted above the magazine pouches.  The space allows a user to visually find the magazine quickly, and provides the space to pull and re-insert magazines without anything mounted above getting in the way.

A3) The space provides room for the user’s thumb to wrap around the magazine for positive control when pulling the magazine from the pouch.   This is particularly important when wearing tactical gloves, when tactile feedback is at a minimum.

A4) When the operator has the Reflex Mag Pouch Mk 2 mounted on a belt, but still needs to wear armor or a carrier, the space allows the magazine to easily clear the bottom edge (with or without side plates inserted).

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Q3: I'm worried about pulling an empty magazine.  How do I avoid this?

A1) The short answer is training and to defer to your department's or unit’s tactics instructors. They will know how best to use equipment ISO of the TTPs that work best for your unit and mission. For those that don’t or no longer have access to these experts, we recommend you contact our partner Wes Doss and the instructors at Khyber Interactive Associates or the GRInco Group regarding magazine management. They will be able to give you a much more thorough answer than we can through a website.  But the general idea behind magazine management is to pull your first mag from the pouch furthest away from your magazine well and as you exchange your mags, work inward (toward your magazine well).  There are a couple reasons for this. The first is because the furthest magazine is usually the one most difficult to reach. The second reason is that, in the very, very rare instance, when you have to drop your magazine and reach for a new one, you'll save your full ones for the pouches closest to your magazine well.  During tactical pauses you will need to re-shuffle your magazines.

We've also seen a number of aids individuals have used:

1) Some people number their magazines (e.g. 1 to x) so they can easily identify bad magazines during training.  In these instances they keep all the odd numbers up front.  When you pull the first odd numbered mag, the even numbered mag goes forward.  When they do their first magazine exchange, the odd numbered mag will be reinserted, and the even number mag will get pulled.  When they do their second exchange, the odd numbered mag is now back in the forward position.  This tells them to move onto the next pouch.    

2) Some people still reserve their dump pouch for completely empty mags and only re-insert partially full mags into the pouches. 

*Ultimately, the Reflex Mag Pouch is a tool, how you use it will be up to you.

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Q4: I don't have a belt with MOLLE/PALS on it. What can I do?

A) If you are looking at belt solutions, check out the Duty Panel and Matching Patrol Panel in the Glide Belt system.  If you want a dedicated solution check out the products from Down Range Gear. They carry three:

The Low-Ride solution allows you to attach gear below the belt line. The velcro surface makes it ideal for interfacing with two-tear (inner/outer) belt systems.


PALS adapter for 2" belts and 1.5"-1.75" belts.

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Q5: How should I mount the Mk2 on a belt?

A) The ideal position to mount the Mk2 on a belt is one PALS row down.  It means you will skip the first (top) row of PALS at the top of the pouch.  You can secure the two vertical straps by tucking them under that first (top) row.  This will mount the Mk2 evenly on your belt.  *See below images.

The images below show the back of the Mk2 mounted on a belt with PALS (aka MOLLE) and the Mk2 mounted using the PALS adapter from Down Range Gear. 


The image below shows the two vertical straps tucked under the first (top) row of PALS on the back of the Mk2.


The image below shows the front of the Mk2 mounted on a belt.  It shows the Mk2 mounted evenly on the belt.



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