Reflex Mag Pouch Information

*We do offer the Reflex Mag Pouch in two variants, the MK1 (seen below) and the Mk2

**Note to buyers: This will be the last shipment of Mk1s. This summer we will be redesigning the Mk1 to use the same material as the Mk2. This is an effort to streamline our material sourcing. The benefit to you is that the future Mk1 will have the same FR coating that the Mk2 currently has.


  • Front
  • Side
  • Back
  • Reflex Pouch With 1x Magazine
  • Reflex Pouch With 2x Magazines

                 *Patent Pending

Why we invented it:

The R-Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch was designed to save time during magazine exchanges in tactical situations.  One of our frustrations has always been the difficulty and time-consuming nature of re-inserting an empty/half-full mag and pulling a new magazine.  Dump pouches are a work around, but it still doesn't exactly solve the problem, and using a dump pouch means more time during exchanges. The R-Tac Reflex Mag Pouch is our solution to this problem. 


Problems it was designed to solve:

Problem #1

It is difficult to put an empty/half-full magazine back into a magazine pouch -- it's the reason many of us use dump pouches.  There are many reasons why it's difficult, sometimes it's the design of the pouch, sometimes it's the fabric, sometimes the nylon straps are too tight, and sometimes the magazine that is still in the pouch gets in the way.

Our Solution

Our solution is the reflex pressure mechanism that pushes the remaining magazine forward and opens up a slot for your empty magazine to be inserted (see video).

Problem #2

With current magazine pouch designs, it takes time (time we don't have) to exchange magazines.  Dump pouches are a work around, but finding your dump pouch (usually placed to the rear), dropping the empty magazine, and reaching for a full magazine require more time than necessary. 

Our Solution

Because the Reflex Mag Pouch is designed so that empty magazines can be easily inserted behind the full magazine, an operator can pull a fresh magazine in the same place and same motion as they re-insert used magazines.  This saves time because you aren't forced to look down for your dump pouch, bring the empty magazine and drop it in, and then reach for your magazine pouch and the full mag.  With the Reflex Mag pouch, it all happens in one place. 

Problem #3

Current magazine pouch designs make it difficult to pull magazines because they are either both the same height or there is fabric in the way.  

Our Solution

Our solution is to shape the pouch so that the "ready" magazine (outside mag) sits higher than the second magazine.  The increased height allows the operator to find the mag easily (even when using tactical gloves) and allows the operator to grip the "ready" mag using the web of his hand and thumb.  The pressure mechanism also keeps the remaining magazine away from the body and held in a known position making it easy to find and pull without the need of looking down.  These features allow the operator to keep his eyes on the enemy and the environment.

 Problem #4

After you pull the first magazine from a double stack magazine pouch the second magazine has the tendency to fall out during dynamic movements (running, jumping, dropping to a prone, take-downs, etc).

Our Solution

The Reflex Pressure Mechanism in the Reflex Mag Pouch holds the second magazine in place during dynamic movements.  You can turn the pouch upside down with only a full magazine in it and that magazine will stay in place (see video).

 Problem #5

When designing the Reflex Mag Pouch one of our priorities is durability.  We put our gear through a lot of punishment and it needs to hold up.

Our Solution

The pressure mechanism has no moving mechanical parts so it won't break.  It is designed to be rugged, you can stomp on it and it won't affect the mechanism.  You can leave your magazine inside the pouch for any entire deployment and it'll still work (see video).  The pouch is made from 1000D Cordura Nylon.


Gen II Improvements

#1 Double stitching and reinforced stitching.
#2 Improved grip on the retention system for shooters that draw from a belt. 
#3 Redesign of the internal mechanism for shooters that use PMAGs and want to place an empty magazine base-plate down so that it is easily identifiable. You still won't be able to put 2x PMAGs with the base-plate down, but you will be able to insert an empty one and it will no longer require an extraordinary amount of Kung-Fu to remove when you need to refill magazines.