GRInco Group employs a cadre of instructors that have a wide range of education, training and real-world experience. Our expertise ranges from military combat veterans to highly experienced and decorated Federal Agents and Police Officers.

We are a training company that tailors our training to the realities of our students. Our focus is on education and upgrading skill sets. We are always cognizant of real world issues and tailor the curriculum accordingly so that training is constantly updated to ensure relevance.

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The Academy of Saint Crispian offers training in:

1)      rifles/carbines

2)      pistols

3)      pistols tactics for women

4)      shotguns

5)      emergency medical courses

6)      low light/night tactics

7)      small unit tactics


The classes are taught by a former Marine Corps Infantry Captain with operational experience in Iraq and Afghanistan.  For a list of classes go to this link: http://www.stcrispian.com/Classes.html


If you are novice, his 101 classes are perfect.  His 202 are geared toward advanced tactics such as fire and maneuver, small units tactics,etc.  Also, his class sizes vary between day and time, feel free to contact Stan directly if you would like to be in a smaller class. His e-mail is: stcrispian2008@yahoo.com


Website:  www.stcrispian.com

Yelp Reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-academy-of-saint-crispian-chino