Load Bearing Bracketes FAQs

Fitting and user tips:

1) For comfort, place all LBBs over the meaty parts of your hips/waist. On most wearers this is usually near the side seam of their trousers, so the front and rear LBBs will be close together.

2) There is no slack designed in the PALS attachment points on the LBB. This is to stop “gear flop.” The easiest way to mount pouches and equipment on the LBB is to first remove the metal bracket, attach the gear, and re-insert the bracket.

3) During long humps with a 100lbs pack, some users who like to place their rear two LBBs close to the small of their back remove the rear two brackets or remount the LBB more toward the sides of their hips for comfort.

4) For wearers who are repelling, LAPD SWAT officers have found it useful to wrap the LBB sleeve around their repelling harness. This keeps the repel harness from shifting out of place, which had been a problem in the past.

5) Most users (particularly SWAT officers) keep some of the weight on their shoulders for balance when maneuvering (e.g. arrest/take-downs, climbing, crawling, shoot and scoot, etc).  Users that do this recommend starting with a 50/50 split.  Then adjust as you train to figure out what works best for you.

6) How to Place 2x LBBs?

  • -- Exact placement will depend on personal preference and your combat loadout.  What is shown above is the recommended place to start.