L.B.B. Information

 * Due to requests, we are offering the LBB in a set of 2x instead of the standard 4x.  However, if your combat load is greater than 50lbs, we highly recommend that you buy all 4x brackets to distribute the load evenly around your hips. 

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Why we invented it:

If you've ever worn a full combat load for a patrol, on post, or during a field exercise you'll understand how sore the muscles in your neck and shoulders get as well as the back pains your gear causes.  Do it for long enough and you'll have the same back problems most of us have.  We invented the LBB to protect your back and spine from injury and to counter the fatigue in your neck and shoulders that degrades alertness and combat effectiveness. 

Problems it was designed to solve:

Problem #1

Back pain is the #1 complaint "in garrison" by military personnel according to a medical study done by John Hopkins and Walter Reed (Nov 2011). This is due to a combination of factors: the weight of our combat loads/packs and the shock our spines take during field exercises and combat operations.  Of course, as veterans, we didn't need a study to tell us that.

Our Solution

The LBB transfers the weight of your combat load onto your hips and legs, protecting your back and spine. 

*If you already suffer from back pain or injuries due to your gear see our injury rehabilitation forum to understand the injury and rehabilitation tips from our expert.

Problem #2

The weight of our combat load starts to tire out the muscles in our neck, shoulders, and back. This fatigue becomes a distraction that hinders alertness and degrades combat effectiveness while on post or patrol.  

Our Solution

Because our legs are anatomically designed by nature to take more weight and shock, the LBB shifts the weight to your legs, through your hips. This is similar to how a waist strap on a hiking pack transfers the weight to a hiker's legs, allowing them to carry a heavier load and not fatigue as quickly.

Problem #3

We don't want you to move your gear (mag pouches, grenade pouches, first aid kit, etc.) because it affects combat efficiency. 

Our Solution

The LBB is modular and can be moved around existing equipment. We have also added PALS (aka MOLLE) attachment points so that it can go under your existing gear.

Problem #4

We want it to be usable regardless of what kind of issued body armor you get.

Our Solution

The LBB is designed to work with body armor that have PALS attachment points.  So whether you have a MTV, Plate Carrier, IOTV, etc. the LBB will work with it.

Problem #5

The weight of our combat load is on our chest, not our back.  

Our Solution

The LBB comes with four brackets, two up front and two in the back. This evenly distributes the weight.

Problem #6

Our gear is heavy enough, I don’t want new gear to add more weight. 

Our Solution

The total weight of the LBB is 15 oz.

Problem #7

Medics need to remove your body armor quickly in case of injury. 

Our Solution

We use Velcro closures in the LBB so that it is easily removable in medical situations.


We get a lot of "junk" with the products we buy (e.g. manuals, shipping foam, etc).  Some of it is required by law and some of it is needed so that your product gets to you in good condition.  But there isn't any reason why these things can't be designed to meet other needs we face in the field.

The Instructions

Normally, instructions are printed on paper and thrown out right after the customer assembles the product.

Our Solution

We printed the instructions on a bandanna so that it can be used as a sweat rag, chafe guard around our necks, weapons cleaning rag, etc.

The Box

What else can the box be used for after you open the product? Many of us use MRE boxes as a writing surface, for frag orders, markers, signs, etc., but they warp and fall apart when wet. 

Our Solution

We added a water-proof coating to the inside layer of the box so that it can be used as a writing surface. If you don't want the thickness of cardboard, you can soak it in water and the water-proof surface will peel off -- allowing you to use it like paper.