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The Alpha Testing Program

The Alpha Testing Program allows select customers to try out new gear before it goes into full production.  It provides an opportunity for interested customers to provide feedback.  Customers have been selected by us or by our retailers for participation in the program.


Gear slated for Alpha Testing:

1) Reflex Mag Pouch for NATO 7.62x51mm (currently testing)

2) Reflex Mag Pouch for AK 7.62x39mm (Testing will begin once the 308 version is complete.  Sorry AK users, the 308 version is is going first to support SF, Snipers, and SWAT)



1) Experience with that particular type of equipment.  For example, if you are testing a 40mm grenade pouch that is slated for production, you need to have experience as a grenadier in SWAT or in the Armed Services.

2) You must be over the age of 21 excluding those in the US Armed Services.

3) This program is open to US residents only.

4) You will need to fill out a short questionnaire about experience and we may conduct a background check prior to final approval.

5) You will need to sign an Agreements with Regulation Tactical.

6) You are not employed by any other Tactical Equipment companies.