About Us (old)

How We Started

Regulation Tactical was founded by a United States Marine.  After three combat tours, he got tired of the problems his issued gear created and wanted to create solutions for them.

Our Values

Made in America

We are committed to making our products in the USA.

Smart Design Philosophy

  1. Tactical gear should integrate with your existing equipment

  2. Tactical gear should enhance overall performance

  3. Tactical gear should feel natural when used


Because our products are intended for the harshest conditions, quality and durability are an absolute necessity. These attributes are infused in the design and construction of each product, and we guarantee our products for the lifetime of the product (see product warranty for more details).


We are veterans dedicated to giving back to veterans. Therefore a portion of the profit from each sale automatically goes to a Non-Profit Organization we are affiliated with.  However, we give our customers a choice of which Non-Profit they want us to contribute to upon check-out.

       We are currently allied with:

• Wounded Warriors Family Support Fund - Provides support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. For more information about their mission please visit their website (http://www.wwfs.org).

• The Freedom Alliance  - Provides scholarships to the families of Veterans disabled or killed in action. For more information about their mission please visit their website (http://www.freedomalliance.org). 

New Service Member Discount - as veterans we understand the financial burden faced by new members to the service.  Therefore we offer a 10% discount for new service members:

  • You qualify if you are an E-1, E-2, E-3, or O-1

Please e-mail  us (customerservice@regulationtactical.com) a scan of your photo ID. Once approved the discount will be credited back using your method of payment.


Our Partners


         Khyber Interactive Training

     For more information about our  

    partnership with Khyber Training

            and Wes Doss go here.


  For information about Khyber Training

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