Thanks to "Jerking The Trigger" for spreading the word about our new Glide Belt!

Thank you to "Jerking The Trigger" for covering the Glide Belt!  

"The new Regulation Tactical Glide Belt is a minimalist gun belt that lacks any kind of buckle or hardware. At first glance, it looks like a standard stiff webbing belt with inner belt but upon closer inspection, you can see that the “inner belt” is not a separate piece but rather an integrate piece of the belt that is only open at one end. This creates some interest functionality in terms of how gear is mounted on the belt. It is very simple and quite clever."

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December 01, 2014

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Reflex Mag Pouch featured in Guns and Ammo

Big thank you to the editors and writer at Guns and Ammo for your coverage of our Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2 in the Book of AR-15!

Khyber Interactive Partners with Regulation Tactical - See more at:

Khyber Interactive Associates and Regulation Tactical
Form Strategic Partnership

Fort Mohave, AZ - Khyber Interactive Associates, a world-class emergency response training, research and consulting company, today announced that they have partnered with Regulation Tactical, a leading innovator and developer of high performance soft goods and tactical solutions designed for the military and law enforcement communities.

The Regulation Tactical product line was developed and refined through a focused, dedicated and first hand expertise in extreme duty soft goods, with an emphasis on addressing a wide range of harsh and extreme environments. Regulation Tactical products are designed and built in the USA on the premise of four principles; Tactical gear should integrate with existing equipment, Tactical gear should enhance overall performance, Tactical gear should feel natural when used and should be designed to solve a problem. Regulation Tactical designs have been battle proven overseas with those that serve our country. The staff at Khyber plans to implement the use of Regulation Tactical products into their existing and forth coming training programs across the country and around the world in some very demanding and austere locations, as well as continue to assist Regulation Tactical in their development for the dedicated law enforcement and military tactical communities.

According to Khyber founder Wes Doss, " When I get a chance to partner with a young energetic, veteran owned business that makes great gear I love it!", Doss goes on to state "Everyone on staff at Khyber is thrilled to be working with the out-of-the-box thinkers at Regulation Tactical to create gear that not only enhances current Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), but to work with Regulation Tactical to develop the next generation of gear that advances TTPs", Doss adds "it's fantastic when we can work this close with a partner we stand behind with total confidence."

According to Charlie Chiang - Regulation Tactical Founder & President "Wes, and his staff at Khyber, possess a wealth of experience into TTPs used by military, law enforcement, and private security forces and provide great insight to the unique needs of these communities. This will help us develop the next generation of equipment that is not only purposeful, but enhances the user's performance", Chiang goes on to state "This partnership combines the 20+ years of tactical experience and know-how of Wes Doss and Khyber Interactive Associates, with the innovative equipment designers at Regulation Tactical."

Khyber Interactive Associates currently has training scheduled with facilities in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Barbados, and other host facilities around the world. To find out more about Khyber Interactive Associates please log on to For additional news and updates visit Khyber's official Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @KhyberTraining.

About Khyber Interactive Associates, LLC:
Arizona based Khyber Interactive Associates (Khyber), founded in 1992, is a world-class emergency response training, research and consulting company recognized world-wide for delivering unparalleled tactical training services to Law Enforcement, Military, security and Private Sector clients. The company, led by world-renowned tactical subject matter expert, Wes Doss, has been providing comprehensive training and operational support to warriors in the United States, Canada, Central America, Asia and Europe for over two decades.

Khyber's proven real-world training programs are designed to enhance the conditioning, mechanical skills and psychological performance of the warriors that they train. Khyber programs, available for both individuals and teams, are offered at select training facilities and host agencies world-wide. Khyber's specialized services range from precision weapons and VIP security courses to defense tactics and K9 operations programs. For more information on Khyber, or to view the full range of programs that they offer, please log on to

About Regulation Tactical:
Regulation Tactical, inventors of the Reflex Mag Pouch, focuses on practical innovations that support TTPs. Our motto is fight "smarter, not harder." Our products are intended for military and law enforcement professionals, making quality and durability an absolute necessity. These attributes are infused in the design and construction of each product, and we guarantee our products for the lifetime of the product. Additionally, we are veterans dedicated to giving back to veterans. Therefore a portion of the profit from each sale automatically goes to a Non-Profit Organization we are affiliated with. However, we give our customers a choice of which Non-Profit they want us to contribute to upon check-out, please log on to For additional news and updates visit Regulation Tactical's official Facebook page.